This statement primarily relates to the records held by the Careers and Employability Service and the Alumni Relations Office. Please also see the Information for Students page in the information Compliance section of our website.

The University tries to ensure that the information it holds is accurate and up-to-date. It must, however, rely on students and alumni to inform the appropriate office of any change in their personal data. In particular, any change of home or term-time address should be notified to Student Records for students and the Development Office in the Registry for alumni.

Your address and other contact details will be stored on our alumni database solely for the purpose of providing you with information about the University of Kent from time to time. Our policy is to retain such information for no more than two years after date of notification of change of address. This has been shown to help us maintain contact with our alumni. Please let us know if you would like any previous address data removed from our records.

The information the University and Aluminati collect is that provided by you directly via the KEW-NET registration form and profile interface. We also collect non-personal information for statistical analysis on the use of our websites. We have your registered email address on record.

KEW-NET stores information that you generate during normal use of KEW-NET. This includes, but is not limited to, emails that you send and receive, address book data and general preferences. Any correspondence between you and the University or Aluminati in relation to KEW-NET is archived for future reference.

While Aluminati keep records of financial transactions for accounting purposes, debit / credit card details are NOT recorded, nor ever seen, by us in the case of an online payment being made. All such information is via by our 3rd party online transaction handler and we refer you to their own privacy policies.

Data may be transferred between the University and the Provider for the purposes of properly administrating your account and verification.

Generally the information the University and Aluminati have is used for the normal operation and maintenance of KEW-NET. Information is used for internal purposes such as billing and security verification of individuals. Contact details are used for announcements and to inform members of important information regarding the use of KEW-NET.

Any directory system will operate on a strictly opt-in basis and will be accessible only to other users of KEW-NET.

Your email address will not be given to any 3rd party other than your college for the purposes of advertising or promotions, without your consent.

Your information is stored in a password protected database which is never accessible by the public or any non-authorised employee of the University or Aluminati. Authentication information, such as passwords and security answers, is encrypted.

If you wish for your profile to be removed from the system, please contact us with the subject heading ‘removal from KEW-NET’ and we will action this within 28 days.

Trust and Confidentiality are crucial to the Mentoring relationship. Information, including sensitive personal information should not be revealed without the individual’s permission. 

However, in rare cases, disclosure may occur without consent if there is good reason to believe that the individual or others are at risk, and contact should be made to one of the confidential support services at the University. Members of staff have a legal obligation to disclose this kind of information, and this practice is consistent with other organisations and services.